Epic Esports Events has been holding a series of EPICENTER tournaments among the world's strongest esports players in Moscow and St. Petersburg since 2016. EPICENTER competitions are watched by tens of millions of viewers around the world, stadiums gather for the finals, and the organizers have repeatedly been awarded the prestigious EUBEA, Eventex, MarSpo, BISPO, BEMA and Sport Leaders Awards.

Thanks to the experience of creating the largest esports events in the CIS, Epic Esports Events is trusted to organize premium tournaments for brands: MegaFon Winter Clash, Adrenaline Cyber League, KFC Battle, Parimatch League and others. Each of them will be remembered by fans for a long time with bright shows and the highest level of organization.

Epic Esports Events helps gaming companies promote their products and increase the number of users. The tournament operator works with international and Russian titles, organizing individual esports tournaments or building entire competitive systems at the request of publishers.

If you want to stand out in the market and hold your own corporate event or tournament of your brand, Epic Esports Events have extensive experience in organizing turn-key esports events. For all questions, you can write directly to EEE Product Director Mark Averbukh to mark@epicevents.gg .

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