FragStore esports shop to open at Moscow’s Central Children’s Store

A new outlet of the esports retail chain FragStore is to open inside the Central Children’s Store on Lubyanka. Located within the Winstrike esports arena, the shop’s launch will coincide with the opening of this new multipurpose esports complex in central Moscow.

In the more than 100-square-meter space of the new FragStore outlet, over 500 articles will be on sale, including accessories, merchandise from leading esports clubs, and international-brand gaming devices. A 10-percent discount on all items will be offered for a week after the launch.

Alexandr Galustyan, CEO, FragStore: “It was strategically important for us to open a shop at such a historically significant and popular location in Russia’s largest city. Being so conveniently situated will make FragStore more accessible to customers, while our partnership with Winstrike will open new opportunities for growing our retail network. A multipurpose arena and an esports store in central Moscow are a combination that will make for an even greater general increase of interest in esports.”

FragStore is the exclusive brand merchandise distributor for three major esports clubs,, Natus Vincere, and SK Gaming. The Central Children’s Store outlet is the chain’s sixth in Moscow, and eleventh in Russia. The five outlets outside the capital city are in St. Petersburg, Stavropol, and Kaliningrad. Since 2015, FragStore has been part of ESforce Holding.