V1lat and x3m4eg to leave RuHub analytics and commentating studio

Effective April 1, RuHub’s commentator Vitaly “v1lat” Volochai and the studio’s director of operations, Andrey “x3m4eg” Grigoryev, are leaving RuHub staff. Vitaly Volochai will switch to working with the studio on a project-by-project basis, and will participate in individual future activities of RuHub and ESforce Holding as commentator, host, external expert, or consultant.

Vitaly “v1lat” Volochai: “Everything has its beginning and its end. Three years ago it seemed like an incredible idea to bring together all the Russian-language e-sports content in one place and create a place where people can watch Dota 2 and CS: GO every day. But we did it. Many thanks to Yaroslav Kuznetsov, who believed in this venture, Olga Dunaeva, who helped to bring this idea into reality. And I also give huge thanks to ESforce and personally Anton Cherepennikov for supporting the studio and assisting in all our projects. It was such a cool time at RuHub, and I'm very grateful to all colleagues for the wonderful atmosphere that we all created together! RuHub will always be something close and important for me , but it's time to move on. See you on the air!”

Tatiana Shavrova, CEO, RuHub: “We are grateful to Vitaly and Andrey for the creativity and inner drive with which they have been working at the studio, and the great effort they have devoted to it. V1lat is a person whose contribution to the growth of esports cannot be overstated. Today, he is the working standard for aspiring commentators. I am sure we will meet again and work on more RuHub projects. We all wish Vitaly and Andrey the best of success in their future work”.

Vitaly “v1lat” Volochai is one of the most popular Russian-language esports commentators who has been professionally active since 2007. Andrey “x3m4eg” Grigoryev has headed RuHub’s Ukraine office since 2015. After the Kiev office was restructured, he became the studio’s director of operations. Both Vitaly and Andrey stood at the origins of RuHub and were among the studio’s founders.

RuHub Studio is a key producer of media content for esports audiences and the largest Russian-language esports studio in the world. RuHub is part of the ESforce esports holding.