ESforce top managers take part in MarSpo 2018 esports session

The 3rd international MarSpo sports marketing conference started in Moscow on April 11. The first day of the conference included a session dedicated to the marketing opportunities and potential presented by electronic sports in Russia and worldwide.

Speakers at the session included leading Russian electronic sports experts: Emin Antonyan, chairman of the board at RESF; Roman Dvoryankin, general manager of; Maksim Maslov, CEO at Epic Esports Events; Rodion Sokolov, head of media at MediaMarkt Russia; Aleksandr Klimov, executive director at Media Direction Sport; and Ivan Voznyak, senior esports producer at Group. The session was moderated by Nikita Bokarev, head of media at ESforce Holding.

In their talks, speakers addressed the issues of esports clubs’ and individual players’ media potential, and discussed the opportunities presented to modern brands by the esports industry. They also shared success stories of companies cooperating with esports organizations and tournament operators. Epic Esports Events CEO Maksim Maslov spoke about the largest tournaments with prize pools in the millions of dollars and demonstrated that, in certain cases, esports tournaments are already enjoying far greater viewership than traditional sports events and well-known TV series.

Nikita Bokarev, head of media at ESforce, noted in his opening remarks: “Ever more often, brands from extremely diverse segments of the market are turning an interested eye towards esports. Companies that are not customarily associated with sports have launched their own esports projects, which, as practice has shown, are delivering results. For a fuller understanding of all the marketing opportunities the industry offers, a comprehensive overview of the entire esports ecosystem needs to be presented, from individual esports players and teams to federations and tournament operators.”

Roman Dvoryankin, general manager, “Esports is among the few sports in which Russian clubs and individual players have shown consistent results in the global arena. In our country, this is one of the factors underlying the persistence — indeed, the growth — of a keen interest in esports on the part of large brands. Esports has already truly become a self-contained and significant unit within the sports and entertainment industry, and events such as MarSpo help towards appropriately presenting its marketing significance to B2B audiences.”

The 3rd international MarSpo sports marketing conference was held in Moscow on April 11–12, 2018. MarSpo is Russia’s largest annual conference on sports marketing. The event was attended by top-tier managers of leading sports clubs, leagues, and organizations, as well as international specialists and practicing sports managers. Participants included managers of the world’s largest sports organizations: LaLiga, NBA, and Bundesliga. Details about the conference are available at