ESforce head of media speaks at Telling Stories festival

On April 23, the Telling Stories festival started in Moscow. The festival included a panel discussion on brand communication in esports.

Speakers included leading experts in electronic sports and media communication: Nikita Bokarev, head of media at ESforce; Anastasia Shalimova, PwC manager in Russia; Rodion Sokolov, head of media department at Media Markt; and Yaroslov Meshalkin, head of public relations at the Russian eSports Federation.

The speakers discussed esports as a communications tool for brands and a media platform offering modern and unique content to a young audience. The experts also assessed the prospects for the growth of esports in the context of its relation to the media and entertainment industry. Working with the image of the esports industry as a whole and of individual esports stars, was addressed as a topic of its own.

Nikita Bokarev, head of media, ESforce: “If you look at the perceptions of esports in the early or even mid-2000s, and its perceptions nowadays, the difference is clear. Ultimately, we have been able to create an image of an esports player that is attractive to the wider public — but this was preceded by a serious joint effort on the part of all major members of the industry as well as the esports players themselves. This effort included creating an esports ecosystem consisting of organizers, tournaments, streaming platforms, media, broadcasting studios, and teams. As a result, the industry has become more straightforward and interesting to brands from a great variety of fields, who now see esports as a platform for efficient communication with their target audiences.”

The festival was held in Moscow on April 23–25. Telling Stories Fest is a space that presents the latest in the communications field and offers an opportunity to personally meet international stars of design, the media, digital, and art industry, contemporary art, photography, and fashion. Storytelling is a key theme of the event.