Epic Esports Events and FACEIT launch CIS league for CS:GO and Dota 2 players

Epic Esports Events (part of ESforce Holding) and the international tournament platform FACEIT have launched a joint project: Epic Pro League for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 players from Russia, the CIS, and the Baltic states.

The league will be split into three open and one top tier division. Distribution in the open divisions will be based on a player’s personal level on FACEIT. Professional players from the region’s top teams will receive direct invitations to the top division of the Epic Pro League.

Based on each season’s results players will be promoted to higher level divisions, including the top one, and receive various prizes. The players from the top league will be able to participate in the qualifiers for FACEIT Pro League (FPL), which gathers the world’s strongest players together. Epic Esports Events will allow players from Russia, the CIS, and the Baltic states significantly shorten their FPL run, while previously players would need several months on average to get a chance to take part in the qualifiers for FPL.

On top of that, team competitions will be held as a part of Epic Pro League. The winners will receive a slot in Global Offensive: Champions League (GO:CL) and Dota 2: Champions League (D2CL) as well as an invitation to the closed regional qualifiers for EPICENTER and Adrenaline Cyber League.

At the start players are going to have an opportunity to participate in the CS:GO league. The Dota 2 league will be added later. The CS:GO league monthly fee will be 349 rubles per month, and the Russian servers will become available for all players. Participating in the Dota 2 league will be free. Russian-speaking moderators are going to keep a friendly and positive atmosphere, ensuring fair play and respectful interaction between users.

Epic Pro League will be aimed at players from the CIS and the Baltic states, thus becoming the largest FACEIT hub, functioning on the servers located in Russia (Moscow) that will offer the best conditions for players.

To sign up at FACEIT and get a chance to start a professional esports career as a regional league member, visit the FACEIT website. You can bind your Steam, and other platform accounts, search for your friends via social media, create your own tournaments, keep track of your skill growth, and receive invitations from organizers of local and regional tournaments.