Events General Manager speaks at TEDx

On June 21, TEDxNevaRiver conference was held in St. Petersburg. General Manager Roman Dvoryankin delivered a presentation on "What is esports and why is it serious and for a long time?"

The head of one of the most titled teams in the world spoke about a new type of heroes from the cybersport industry, rivalry with traditional sports, prize funds, relations with sponsors and partners.

Roman Dvoryankin: "I am very glad that in recent years esports has begun to take confident steps from specialized industry conferences to such large-scale events as the recently held SPIEF and now TEDx. This progress shows the way that our industry has passed. I tried to communicate with people who are not familiar with esports about who we are, what we are, and why esports is for a long time in the most accessible and understandable form".

TEDxNevaRiver — conference on the global license TEDx: Technology Entertainment Design. It is an international project uniting popularizers of ideas worthy of distribution - Ideas Worth Spreading. In different years, TED speakers were Bill Gates, Ilon Mask, Jimmy Wales and other iconic figures.