“Mom's friend's son”: Tinkoff Bank and pashaBiceps announce partnership

The legendary esports player Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski ( Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster) and the world’s largest online bank Tinkoff Bank have launched a joint campaign titled, “Mom's friend's son”, which is aimed at supporting a special card for gamers, All Games.

The campaign included production of a series of short videos which play around a popular internet meme, “Mom's friend's son”, based on a stereotype about a more successful person who is always held up as an example for another, much more unexceptional character. Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski, who is known to any esports fan, is featured as the main hero.

Short videos about “Mom's friend's son” clearly demonstrate the benefits of the new card by Tinkoff Bank. The plot is built around pashaBiceps receiving larger than ordinary cash back from his gaming-related purchases and using bonuses from his new card to buy a huge number of PC accessories, while holder of a regular card receives only a selfie stick.

Links to videos:

“In building Tinkoff's ecosystem we strive to satisfy all needs of our customers. Tailored specifically for gamers, Tinkoff's All Games card is perfectly suited for all esports fans: we have increased cashback for gaming-related spending, and nearly all gaming and electronics-related purchases can be made up. We are certain that such a popular player as pashaBiceps will help us fully convey the message about the benefits of our product to all current and potential clients,” – said Danil Anisimov, vice president, head of product development and portfolio management at Tinkoff Bank.

Creation of All Games by Tinkoff Bank is consistent with the interests and needs of the bank’s clients, gamers and esports fans. The credit card allows to refund a portion of the money spent on games and offers a broader access to Expos, Sales, and closed Raffles. Furthermore, the cardholders will have an opportunity to retrieve funds spent on games and electronics in exchange for collected bonuses. More details regarding the All Games card is available via the links below:

Ads with participation of the legendary esports player were produced on a turn-key basis by production team (part of ESforce Holding). The creative design group included:

  • Ann Piskunova – Marketing Manager, Tinkoff Bank
  • Yulia Farber – Video Director, Tinkoff Bank
  • Daniil Tigulev – Stage Director, (
  • Nikita Koroteev – Executive Producer, (
  • Alexandra Deduuchina – Senior Copywriter at ESforce Holding
  • Maria Narikova – Art-director at ESforce Holding
  • Elena Solovieva – Senior Account Manager at ESforce Holding