ESforce head of media gave a speech at the White Nights conference

On June 29, an esports-related round table discussion was held at the international business conference White Nights St. Petersburg, which is dedicated to game development and promotion. The ESforce head of media, Nikita Bokarev, was one of the speakers. The holding’s top manager gave a talk on the topic: “Why games need esports?”

In his presentation, Nikita highlighted criteria of a game with an esports potential, estimated behavior patterns of professional players, and told how exactly esports helps a game developer or publisher generate income.

Nikita Bokarev, the ESforce head of media: “In the first place, esports is understandable marketing. It allows to attract and keep the core of players as well as increase the value of a gaming product for them. Thanks to certain criteria, game developers can build an effective esports ecosystem. Using esports activities properly will let developers monetize a game. For instance, by selling in-game items.”

You can find the deck here.

The White Nights conference is held quarterly: in Prague in February, in Cyprus in April, in Saint Petersburg in June, and in Moscow in October. Throughout a year White Nights gathers more than 4,000 gaming industry professionals in total. The organizer of the conference is Nevosoft, Saint Petersburg mass game developer and publisher.