Oh, there’ll be stories about this fight: ESforce to hold MegaFon CHAMPIONS LEAGUE tournaments in Dota 2

The two-season tournament will have a prize pool of 1,200,000 rubles ($18,390). 

The first season’s open qualifiers will consist of two stages, the first one on October 27–28, and the second one on November 3–4. The finals, due to be held from November 10–17 using the Olympic system, will be played among 16 teams, including eight qualifier finalists and eight invited teams. The second season starts on December 1 and will likewise consist of two stages, with the finals held from December 11–16. The winner of each season will earn 600,000 rubles. Participation is open to all.

The tournament by ESforce will be supported by MegaFon, a mobile network carrier that offers the fastest mobile internet in Russia, according to Speedtest Awards by Ookla:

“The final part of the tournament will be broadcast on Twitch and VK; here, we’ll provide the streamers and organizers with the fastest mobile internet. The tournament will be commentated by star talents of the Russian Dota 2 scene, who we are going to invite,” says Alexander Zherebtsov, head of sponsorship and partnerships at MegaFon.

Registration for the open qualifiers and detailed information about the tournament is available at these links:

Open qualifier #1: (Oct 27)

Open qualifier #2: (Oct 28)

Open qualifier #3: (Nov 3)

Open qualifier #4: (Nov 4)

The MEGAFON CHAMPIONS LEAGUE tournaments will be based on the DOTA 2 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, one of the legendary Eastern European Dota 2 tournament series. To date, 13 seasons of DOTA 2 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE have been held since the series’ inception in 2014.

Over the years, participants in these tournaments have included such legendary world-tier teams as, Natus Vincere, VICI Gaming, Alliance, NiP, Team Empire, HellRaisers, and many others. Hundreds of amateur and semi-professional teams take part in each DOTA 2 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE season’s open qualifiers.