EPICENTER XL Becomes Second Most Popular Dota 2 Tournament in 2018 after The International

The Esports Charts analytics service has published view statistics on the most popular esports tournaments of the year. According to the data available, EPICENTER XL, a Moscow tournament of the major series by Epic Esports Events (part of the ESforce Holding structure), has become the world’s most viewed Dota 2 competition after The International 2018*.

In 2018, the EPICENTER series’ Dota 2 tournament has scored twice as much watchtime as the 2017 competition. Whereas last year fans watched the Dota EPICENTER tournament for 8.2 million hours, the 2018 major scored 17.4 million hours of watchtime on Twitch and YouTube. According to Esports Charts, the tournament became the world’s sixth most popular esports competition of the year.

EPICENTER XL was held in Moscow from 24 April to 6 May. In the tournament, the 12 best teams of the world fought for $1 million — the largest prize pool in the history of one-discipline esports competitions organized in Russia. The Chinese team PSG.LGD became winner of the tournament. EPICENTER XL is the first major-series esport tournament held in the territory of Russia. The competition was held with support of the Valve company, the Dota 2 developer and publisher, and the first four places in the tournament gained qualifying points for the teams to get direct invitations to The International 2018 whose prize fund amounts to $25.5 million.

*not including the Chinese audience