Roman Dvoryankin, General Manager: “One of esports’ key features is its global nature”

The session titled “Esports industry: a development vector of the IT sector” took place on September 13 as part of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi where the general manager of Roman Dvoryankin joined the speakers. The topic of computer sports was included in the business discussion program in 2019.

Other participants of the discussion included Dmitry Kolobov, the director of the Industry and Enterprise department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Alexander Prokopiev, deputy of the State Duma, Dmitry Smit, the president of the Russian Esports Federation, Olga Ocheretina, Pochta Bank communications director, Viktoria Tarantina, iRU general manager. Stanislav Surovtsev, the head of the Youth Policy Department of Moscow State Institute of International Relations of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Russia) acted as a moderator of the session.

The panellists have discussed the relevant issues and questions regarding the development of esports and have highlighted its characteristics and appeal to investors. “Unlike traditional sports, one of esports’ key features is its global nature”, noted Roman Dvoryankin, “That means leading international teams can play against each other not just 1-2 times per year, like in football, but 5-10 times in a single season. This makes esports a very appealing investment sector as it allows you to keep the audience interested and growing throughout the entire year.”

Roman has likened the success of the Russian esports to the traditional sports over the course of his speech: “Esports is one of the very few examples of our club,, being absolutely competitive in the international arena. This situation, unfortunately, is a rare sight in other sports. It is also telling to have our results recognized on the global level. One of the recent and bright examples – has been the first CIS team to acquire its own unique Twitter “hashtag”. That means that a major multinational company with billions in turnover has acknowledged the success of the Russian esports club and elevated it to the same level as NHL, NBA teams or “Oscar” and “Grammy” awards recipients.”

The general manager of has highlighted the main factors that contributed to the positive dynamics of esports growth in Russia: “It is worth to note that our esports framework is quite well-designed. All interested players on the market help each other and carry out their duties in good faith. It is important to commend the Russian Esports Federation for their immense efforts in popularizing and improving the image of our sport on federal and regional levels every year,” continues Roman. “Another factor of stable growth – reasonable dialogue of the market participants with the executive and legislative branches of the State. We are happy to realize that our voices are heard and, even more importantly, considered on all levels. Effective co-operation with the state allows both professional and amateur-level esports to flourish not only regarding the sports results, but also from the social point of view.”

Roman has also assessed the computer sports market conditions for investors: “The entry threshold for esports is not as low as it used to be a couple of years ago when it comes to investments. As new players appear, the product package that esports provides to businesses increases, and the teams’ and players’ media success improves by the day.”

However, Dvoryankin has also mentioned the industry’s main issue: “Esports still suffers from staff shortage. This still remains one of the main problems of the industry. For instance, finding an accountant that is able to accurately record the revenue brought by virtual stickers sales from a video game is nigh impossible. Finding a lawyer able to properly legislate a transfer of an esports player while taking into consideration all the peculiarities of the trade in modern realities is a very challenging task as well.”

The complete recording of the broadcast is available on the Forum’s website using the following link: The Russian Investment Forum is a platform that opens up a discussion of the regions’ investment and economic potential. The Roscongress Foundation is the organizer of the event; this year’s Forum’s main topic is the implementation of nation-wide projects.