Rusfond and ESforce Holding declare partnership

Russia’s leading esports holding ESforce and one of the largest Russian charity foundations Rusfond have launched a joint social project. ESforce and Rusfond are to organize a series of initiatives aimed to collect donations for the Vasiliy Perevoshikov National registry of bone marrow donors.

The campaign will utilize the majority of the esports holding’s assets including tournament organizer Epic Esports Events, RuHub studio, esports team, and media outlet which is to provide the project with media support.

The first charity event will coincide with the ticket sales start for The EPICENTER Major international tournament in Dota 2, which will take place on June 22-30 in Moscow. Every customer will be offered to donate for a cause of marrow donor registry development. More detailed information about the project and an opportunity to donate is available via this link. The foundation’s fundraiser will stay active throughout the main stage of the Moscow event.

All funds collected by Rusfond will go towards the development of the Vasiliy Perevoshikov National registry of bone marrow donors. An extensive donor base will help save thousands of lives: children and adults suffering from cancer, leukemia, and hereditary diseases — those for whom bone marrow transplant may be the last chance for life.

Yaroslav Meshalkin, Chief Strategic Communications Officer, ESforce Holding: “There is really no need to speak at great length about esports acquiring traits of a socially responsible and highly ethical business while simultaneously becoming a major part of both high-performance sports and entertainment. Truth is, we are simply happy to be a part of this project.”

Lyudmila Fomina, Rusfond Development Director: “This is the first time Rusfond has secured a partner that unites esports fans all over the world. Athletes and video game fans are a community which encompasses millions of people of different age, nationality, and education level. It is paramount for Rusfond to be able to bring a message about bone marrow donations to all these people thanks to the joint project with ESforce, allowing many to contribute to this charity movement that brings health — and life — to thousands of people in need of help.”