Roman Dvoryankin delivered a speech on Innovation Week 2019: Europe Emerging - Tech Summit Moscow General Manager Roman Dvoaryankin participated in an international summit titled “Innovation Week 2019: Europe Emerging - Tech Summit Moscow” taking part on May 16 in Moscow. Top managers and representatives of leading IT companies have attended the conference-aimed discussion of the state-of-the-art technology applications, recent trends in the industry, and IT-business development prospects.

In his speech “Will esports be the largest sport worldwide?”, Roman highlighted the development of technology that has played a key part in allowing esports to flourish and become one of the most spectacular and popular contemporary sports. The general manager of separately addressed the topic of esports athletes’ media-ability and marketing impact which are the key points offered to businesses by the most technological sports discipline.

Roman Dvoryankin, general manager: “It seems that esports’ impact on people’s daily life can be noticed with a naked eye. Furthermore, our industry is rightly considered to be a contemporary sociocultural phenomenon, and I’m excited to be able to share our successes and achievements with leaders of major international companies.”

In addition, Roman participated in “Gaming and esports” sub-panel of Innovation Week 2019: Europe Emerging – Tech Summit Moscow. Assistant Head of Games Ventures Illya Karpinsky and Melsoft CEO, Wargaming top-manager Andrey Yarancev joined the discussion as well.

ESforce Holding and its business units’ speakers participate in such business events on a regular basis in order to share their expertise and successful esports projects with commercial brands.

Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) is the organizer of Innovations Week 2019: Europe Emerging – Tech Summit Moscow.