Emin Antonyan received a commendation from the Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation

CEO of ESforce Holding and Chairman of Russian Esports Federation Emin Antonyan has received a letter of gratitude from the Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation Pavel Kolobkov for his major contribution to development and popularization of esports in the country.

Aleksey Pleshakov, Head of Department of Development of Non-Olympic sports of Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, has presented the commendation to Emin Antonyan on behalf of the Minister during the special congress of Russian Esports Federation taking place on 17 August 2019 in Moscow.

Following Emin Antonyan’s massive public campaigns as a Chairman of Russian Esports Federation since 2016, 2018 marked the beginning of his leadership in ESforce Holding. Thanks to Emin’s active efforts, the Federation has received State accreditation while esports flourished into a recognized sports with an established system of all-Russian competitions and effective upward mobility for the athletes.