Picnic and launch a creative special project

Mondelēz International Group, the manufacturer of Picnic chocolate bars, has launched a creative brand integration as part of a special project for the largest Russian-speaking esports portal (part of ESforce Holding).

Virtual brand ambassador of Picnic, Kelvin the Camel, has become the project’s centerpiece with his newfound passion for esports. Kelvin’s esports adventures will entertain thousands of fans while giving the audience a shot at winning prizes via interactive puzzles. The multi-stage integration is already underway and will be implemented throughout November-December 2019.

Mondelēz International has been working in the Russian market for more than 20 years. The company manufactures such recognized by all Russians brands as Alpen Gold chocolate, Milka, Picnic, “Yubileynoe” cookies, Oreo, “Medvezhonok Barney” biscuits, “TUC” crackers, “Dirol” chewing gum, and “Halls” hard candy. The company’s manufacturing plants are located in Vladimirskaya and Novgorodskaya regions. The company actively invests in the Russian economy and frequently conducts large scale social and charity projects. For Mondelēz, esports integration is an effective marketing tool among the active young audience.