VOLNA/AdIndex hosted a business intensive “Esports for brands”

Nielsen’s data suggests the esports audience exceeded 12 million in Russia. Since the majority of esports community are youth that views competitive gaming as a professional sport, not as mere entertainment, esports has become an effective communication channel with the intended audience. The question “How to navigate the esports territory for brands?” became the topic of an educational intensive developed by “VOLNA/AdIndex” in cooperation with ESforce holding that took place in Moscow on 27 — 29 November.

The curriculum was taught by the experts of the esports industry on both sides: vendors representatives, as well as brand-to-esports synergy teams shared their expertise on the topic. There are the specialists from leading companies on the Russian market among them: Snezhana Chernogorceva, “MegaFon” Brand and Marketing Communications Director; Leonid Koen, Odgers Berndtson Russia consultant; Albert Usmanov, S8 Capital Digital Marketing Director; Nikolay Petrosyan, ESforce Holding Media Department Director; Maksim Maslov, CEO of Epic Esports Events; Roman Dvoryankin, General Manager; Tanya Ivanova, Founder of Hello Blogger digital agency; Yaroslav Meshalkin, ESforce Holding Strategic Communications Officer; Pavel Medvedev, ESforce Holding Business Development Manager; Roman Ryazanov, Wavemaker Digital Projects Senior Manager; Svetlana Butyanova, “Citymobil” Taxi Service Marketing Director, and Sergey Barkhudaryan, ESforce Holding Commercial Director.

The intensive shed light on such topics as the inner workings of the esports market, audience specifics, game philosophy and culture codes, which brands and budgets fit into the esports industry, what to look for in a marketing contractor, effectiveness evaluation, HR, as well as demonstrating the most discussed international and Russian-based brand activations in esports.

Yaroslav Meshalkin, ESforce Holding Strategic Communications Officer, curator of “Esports for brands” course: “We have strived to share the most diverse tools for work with esports audience and go over all aspects of this trade. It goes without saying that condensing all this expertise in a three-days long intensive was a challenge, but thanks to our colleagues from AdIndex and “VOLNA” we made it a reality. Our course gathered a lot of interest, which tells us about the real need for esports marketing knowledge.”

Leading Russian-speaking esports portal and “Esports | Industry” Telegram channel acted as the informational partners of the course.