Events, MegaFon, Yunost, and Quberten release a limited merch collection esports club, MegaFon, Yunost brand, and Quberten creative studio have designed a capsule wardrobe series. Hoodies and t-shirts are designed using MegaFon colors and combine popular design choices while placing a highlight on esports-related elements: all chat and item rarity markers. The collection includes 250 items, all of them signed by’s Dota 2 players with a special highlighter.

Ekaterina Goncharova, Head of Internet marketing at MegaFon:

“Esports has long gone beyond the "niche hobby" and is rapidly gaining an audience, and this collapse confirms this. It was important for us to do things that will be relevant not only for the fans of the team, but only they will see the hidden accents and references in the design.”

Roman Dvoryankin, General Manager:

“We are happy to do our part in the creation of such unique merch. High-quality clothes with cool designs for gamers are still a rare sight nowadays. We hope the fans will have a great time going after this collection.”

Anton Tyulenev, Founder of Yunost Clothing Co:

“T-shirts and hoodies are essentials in almost anyone’s wardrobe these days. It’s no trend, it’s a modern classic. That’s why we have chosen these two models in the casual style for our collaboration. Yunost Clothing Co always strives for the highest quality, and this collaboration is no exception.”

Mikhail Antipin, Quberten Sports Design Studio Art-Director:

“The aesthetics of the modern street are based on industrial marking. Prints imitate and convey the industrial mood. We have prepared a package of elements in which the main idea is to combine corporate lettering and the Megaphone super sign. The main visualizations are made by the reflexive, which is supported by an asymmetrical sidelines on one of the sleeves. Our belief is that the design should be thought out down to the smallest details. That is why we have not bypassed the internal marking. Usually there is dryly indicated the necessary information on the composition and place of production, but we presented the necessary data in the fan's key — in the form of a chat from all the participants of the collaboration.”

The limited collection is not planned to enter sales. However, you can become the owner of a unique clothing piece via a contest: 40 sets of clothing will be raffled through official VKontakte page. The contest will take place on 16 throughout 27 December. The organizers will pick out 40 most creative works and award the prizes to the winners on 30th December.