On the eve of the EPICENTER tournament in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in St. Petersburg MediaMarkt conducted a large cross-media campaign involving team players

In October, ahead of one of the world’s largest esports tournaments, EPICENTER: St. Petersburg in CS:GO, MediaMarkt launched a large-scale cross-media campaign, #ВремяТащить (“it’s time to carry”).

Over three weeks, between October 11 and 27, a series of livestreams featuring the world’s top-tier CS:GO and Dota 2 players is being held on the brand’s VK page and its Russian channels on YouTube and Twitch. The esports stars will present all registered livestream participants with in-game skins worth up to 40,000 rubles ($700) as well as valuable gifts from MediaMarkt which will help increase their gaming skill. The prize awarding process follows the principle of in-game loot boxes, with a set of several prizes that includes a random item drop.

The #ВремяТащить campaign was inaugurated by a famous Dota 2 player,’s Lil. The livestream featuring him garnered over 150,000 views, with 20,000 messages posted by viewers on VK alone.

Besides answering questions on game mechanics, Lil made revelations about the everyday life of a gaming professional. At the conclusion of the stream, he presented participants with esports-themed gifts and prizes from Media Markt.

The CS:GO player pashaBiceps appeared in broadcast on October 21; the final one, on October 27, will feature a leading blogger whose name is yet to be revealed by Media Markt.

Upon the end of the online stage, the company will continue the cross-media project #ВремяТащить at the EPICENTER venue in St. Petersburg. Media Markt estimates the campaign to have a total reach of about 10 million people across all online and offline platforms, making it one of Russia’s largest esports projects by a non-gaming-related brand.

Alexander Fedosov, Media Markt Russia’s vice president for marketing, said, “The #ВремяТащить campaign is moving from the digital world into real space, as it integrates organically into a major esports event, EPICENTER. MediaMarkt is bringing global esports stars on board in order to reach out to gamers, an audience that has already been setting trends in the market. This is why our promotional events use formats that elicit genuine living emotions, allowing everyone to become part of the esports community.”