The Russian Ministry of Sports discussed the esports industry development

The Russian Ministry of Sports held a meeting on the esports development. The meeting was held by Andrey Selsky, Deputy Russian Minister of Sports. The event was attended by Dmitry Smit, President of the Russian Esports Federation, Artem Vinokurov, Vice-President, Sergey Glamazda, CEO of, Nikolay Petrosyan, ESforce media director and Head of, Anton Oleynik, CEO of RuHub, Evgeny Kalganov, Event director of Epic Esports Events, as well as representatives of esports projects and teams, representatives of science from specialized sports universities, business representatives and industry experts.

The meeting discussed possible areas of cooperation between the Russian Ministry of Sports, the specialized sports Federation, the expert community, and business, covering the digital transformation of the sports sphere, mass sports, as well as adaptive sports.

"Esports is, on the one hand, the leading edge of information technology development in the sports sphere. On the other hand, it is today, the only sport that generates the full range of data in digital format in real-time. Therefore, the experience of colleagues will be very useful for the digitization of sports in general", said Andrey Selsky.

As a result of the meeting, it was decided to create a specialized working group on the development of computer sports in Russia.

More information about the meeting is available on the official website of the Russian Ministry of sports.