ESforce head of media takes part in esports discussion at Kommersant

Moscow, December 8, 2017 — On December 7 in Moscow, Kommersant Publishing House hosted a business brunch in the format of a discussion titled, “Esports: A Business in the Billions”. One of the speakers at the event was Nikita Bokarev, Chief Media Officer at ESforce, an esports holding company. Nikita spoke about the specifics of forming an esports audience, the factors involved in the growth of the electronic sports industry, and the prospects for its growth.

Nikita Bokarev, Chief Media Officer, ESforce: “The core of today’s esports audience is made up of young people between 18 and 30. Electronic sports audiences are hard to segment precisely, as the same person may play several games and follow several competitions. Despite a rather vague market appraisal, investments are being made in the industry, on the understanding that esports is the future. Year after year, the entertainment value of electronic competitions will approach and perhaps surpass that of traditional sports such as football, ice hockey, or basketball. As in the case of football, electronic sports audiences are formed not just from people who are themselves players, but also by spectators, for whom the threshold for entry into the world of esports is extremely low. These days, all it takes to be able to watch an esports match is a tablet, smartphone, or any other gadget that is connected to the internet. There are convenient, free services that allow a viewer to enjoy a high-quality livestream of a tournament. Overall, the industry is entering a fundamentally new level. We are seeing a great number of contests with impressive prize pools, a well-developed infrastructure, and an increase in the number of partners from among large international companies.”

Other participants in the event included Emin Antonyan, Chairman of the Executive Board at the Russian eSports Federation, Ivan Voznyak, Esports Producer at Mail.Ru Group, Yelena Istyagina-Yeliseeva, member of the Russian Civic Chamber, Arseny Tarasov, Digital Transformation Lead for Russia and the CIS at Microsoft, Oleg Sukalkin, Esports Manager at Riot Games, Vladimir Ivanov, Esports Manager at Red Bull, Yuri Mikhailov, Regional Manager for Russia and the CIS at Razer, and others. In the course of the discussion, the speakers addressed pressing issues of esports positioning, state support for electronic sports, and the topic of startups in the industry.