ESforce esports holding announces partnership with game developer Game Insight

ESforce and Game Insight will work on creating an esports ecosystem based on the popular mobile shooter Guns of Boom

Mobile platforms are already wielding an enormous influence in the gaming market and open up possibilities for holding competitions anywhere and at any time. As one of global esports leaders, ESforce aspires to develop promising mobile games in this field. A strategic partnership to develop the first mobile esports shooter is an opportunity to combine ESforce’s experience, professional players and enthusiasts with Game Insight’s expertise in mobile development. In partnership with Game Insight, ESforce plans on building a full-fledged Guns of Boom-based ecosystem, which will include the shooter being tested by players from SK Gaming and

Alexander Kokhanovskyy, Co-owner, ESforce Holding: “A collaboration with a mobile game developer, especially one as large as Game Insight, is a valuable experience for our holding company. Through combining Game Insight’s expertise with our experience in esports, we get all the components we need to create a unique project and a prospect for a global mobile esport.”

Anatoly Ropotov, CEO, Game Insight: “Guns of Boom is a game that has already become popular with tens of millions of players around the world. By adding an esports mode to the game, we are, first and foremost, meeting our audience’s clearly shaped needs. Our collaboration with the esports holding ESforce emphasizes Guns of Boom’s superb quality and assures our players that the esports ecosystem will be implemented on a top-notch level.”