Match TV and ESforce announce strategic partnership

Match TV and ESforce announce strategic partnership

The main goal of this partnership is to take eSports from the underground of forums and chats to big TV screen so that the new sport could compete with traditional sports.

The first collaboration between the sports channel Match TV and ESforce Holding, one of the largest eSports organizations in the world and the leader of the Russian eSports, is going to happen at the international eSports tournament EPICENTER: Moscow in Counter-Strike. This is one of the main events for a multi-million audience of eSports fans. The tournament will occur in Moscow from October 17 until October 23.

Together with ESforce, Match TV will prepare two report programs on this prestigious competition. The first one will be a digest and go live after the end of the tournament on the night of October 23. Representatives of ESforce Holding will be speakers, and they will discuss results of the eSports tournament and the most dynamic and thrilling moments.

The second broadcast begins late in the evening October 25 and last through midnight. It is going to feature a talk show in the program Real Sport. Among the speakers are video game industry experts who are going to discuss development, modern trends and prospects of eSports. Live reports from the venue are included in the schedule of the TV show Vse na Match. Viewers will be able to keep track of the latest news and comments from eSports experts and legends.

On October 23, 6 pm MSK the channel Match! Igra will broadcast the grand final.

Match TV alongside with ESforce also creates an eSports portal of their own on the Match TV’s website ( with news, information about matches, predictions and popular games videos. The coverage policy of this sport on Match TV includes a systematic approach to news feed and involvement of the audience into the game via use of quality licensed interactive and educational content. For that there will be created a reference section where game basics are explained. Special reports, exclusive interviews, daily digests and video blogs as well as educational broadcasts with breakdowns of key in-game moments will be used there as well.

Despite being included in the sports register only in June 2016, eSports is one of the ten most popular sports in Russia. The recognition allowed not only to host international tournaments but also assign sports ranks and create referees and coaching programs as well. Besides, it has raised media’s interest to eSports.

Broadcasts and features about eSports on the Match TV resources will be rated 18+ per law.

ESforce Holding (previously known as Group) is one of the largest eSports organizations in the world and the leader of the Russian eSports. ESforce is a holding company that brings together all key areas of the eSports business: from hosting of international tournaments and professional content production to publishing, advertising and retailment of eSports-related goods.

ESforce owns more than 180 web resources with total audience of more than 15 million subscribers and 40 million unique visitors a year. The latter comprises 80% of eSports broadcast viewers from Russia and the CIS as well as a significant part of international eSports audience.

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