The total audience of the ESforce media resources is more than 114 million users.

11 websites

> 50 channels

133 social media pages

Key projects

  • covers esports events hosted both inside and outside of the CIS. The site is a source of relevant news, various interviews, articles and tournament coverage. It also features extensive statistics on the most popular esports games in Russia and other CIS countries.

    > 160 000
    daily visitors

    > 2 million
    monthly audience

    > 20 million
    views per month
  • RuHub is a broadcasting and video production studio. They create both original videos and regular shows dedicated to esports. The studio consists of the best CIS analysts and esports casters who provide an official Russian commentary on the largest Valve-hosted events including The International.

    > 10 000
    hours of streams in year

    260 million
    total views on YouTube

    2 million
    subscribers on social media
  • Social Media: ESforce media resources also include tens of social media pages ranging from relevant public pages on VK to Twitch, Hitbox and YouTube channels.

    > 130
    Communities in social media


    Athlete pages