ESforce Holding invites companies interested in the wonderful world of esports to partnerships. The unique offer of the holding is a synergy of assets, each of which is a leader in its own sector. Through access to an esports audience, we will help you achieve your marketing, corporate and business goals.

Tasks that ESforce resources can carry out

Raising awareness among the esports audience

Fostering a positive attitude towards the brand

Improving business performance

Developing relationships with stakeholders and GR

Development of socially responsible programs

Updating corporate programs and HR tools

Strengthening networking and B2B programs

Opportunities for partnership


If you want to expand into uncharted territory, detach yourself from the competitors and make yourself more attractive to the esports audience, then sponsorship is the best solution. Our partnership assets include the esports club, EPICENTER and EPIC leagues, and RuHub streams. In addition, ESforce holds exclusive rights to sell sponsorship packages of the Russian Computer Sports Federation: the official Russian Cybersport Championship and Cup, All-Russian student and school leagues.

Special projects

If you are taking on a sophisticated series of tasks and you are interested in non-standard campaigns, then ESforce resources allow you to implement cross-platform projects of any complexity using both offline and online tools.

Media integrations

If you are solving problems of reaching and growing an audience, are interested in digital performance campaigns or need conversions to sales, then we are ready to offer a whole arsenal of Ruhub and media tools: from simple banner formats to personalized and targeted media special projects.

Ambassadors and influencers

Whether you want to build brand trust among a loyal esports audience or simply reach out to them, star players, then RuHub studio commentators and analysts as well as popular streamers are at your service.

Media rights

If you are looking for interesting content, additional entertainment for your audience and strive to grow it, then we are ready to provide media rights for a variety of types of esports content and advise on their implementation. The tournament operator as part of ESforce organizes esports tournaments and leagues at an international level, which enjoy constant attention from the audience. For example, EPICENTER Major games were broadcasted in 21 languages around the world and drew 46 million views, not including the Chinese audience.


If you are faced with the task of stimulating sales and you want your product to be displayed on a shelf or at an online showcase, then you can purchase commercial rights to use the club symbols, player skins and other visual assets of the holding. We will be glad to offer a joint product that will win over the hearts of the most sophisticated consumers.

“White Label” solutions

If you want to host a memorable event or create some interesting content and stand out in the market, we have the experience in organizing esport events on a turnkey basis with the partner’s best interest in mind. Some of the largest  corporations international and Russian alike have already entrusted ESforce with hosting online and offline tournaments, leagues and events under their brands.

Government Relations & Public Affairs in esports

If you are faced with the task of building relationships with stakeholders, then the holding's leading role in the Russian esports market will allow ESforce to implement complex projects in the state-owned field as well as in the public sector. We help bring sport, business and the state closer to each other — both in Moscow and in regions. 

Public Relations in esports

If you either need to highlight your activities for gaming audiences or to maintain the company's image, we can achieve it thanks to our relationship with esports, sports and gaming media in addition to journalists in business and lifestyle media. This may be PR support of an esports campaign of other business units of the holding or just separate PR projects in the gaming field. Services include: providing external press service on partner’s tournaments, special media projects, collaborations with influencers, involvement of opinion leaders, promotion of success stories and support in Russian and international awards.

Consulting, creativity and strategy

If you need guidance in the esports world, ESforce is ready to help. Esports has a very complex framework and a unique subculture that requires special knowledge in order to interact with it. Our experts will help you devise an optimal strategy, conduct all the necessary surveys and suggest creative approaches, whether they are standalone decisions, a series of consultations or a full-fledged campaign it’s all up to the partner.

Corporate social responsibility

If you are a socially responsible company that wants to join us in our activities, we can plan and execute a project with your involvement. ESforce regularly runs charity campaigns that engage esports audiences to dialogue and participation.

Human Resources in esports

If you want to have a strong employer brand, attract technical staff with STEM education or run a team building event esports is at your service. Join a large variety of employers that effectively use esports activities in HR.


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One of the leading Russian IT companies with more than 3,000 employees and offices around the country run a project for team-building and seeking out employees with high potential in the R&D field and also for effective work in information-deficient conditions.

2 / 2

Thanks to the partnership between ESforce and the Russian Esports Federation, a multi-regional corporate tournament called the “Esports triathlon IBS” was held. The list of games featured include StarCraft 2, Quake Live, NBA 2K, Heroes of the Storm, Rainbow Six and Minecraft (for solving engineering problems). Six contestants with the best results got a chance to present their work in front of a jury of IBS top managers.