The RAEC cluster "Gaming Industry and Esports" prepared a lecture on venture investments in esports

Organizations participating in the "Gaming industry and Esports" RAEC cluster ESforce Holding and prepared a detailed video lecture about venture investments in esports and game development. RuHub studio was responsible for the production, the co-founder of became the speaker, the Forbes rating "30 to 30" nominee Vladislav Zdorenko.

As part of the lecture, Vladislav tells:

  • What is venture capital investment? Basic concepts of the sphere, statistics of transactions by region, "rules of the game" and processes;
  • The culture of entrepreneurship in Russia, the advantages of Russia in the startup market;
  • Where startups and investors find each other;
  • Why you should not romanticize esports;
  • Why a venture investor comes to the esports and gaming industry: 56% of global transactions are venture capital;
  • What are the advantages for startups in the esports industry;
  • Life hacks to identify promising startups and much more.

Vladislav Zdorenko, co-founder, speaker of the lecture:

"As part of this introductory lecture, I tried to identify the basic concepts and answer the most frequent questions about venture investments and the interaction of funds with esports, to show how an investor looks at the gaming sphere and everything related to it. Based on reports from PwC, Deloitte and other authoritative sources, we estimate the volume of the esports market is about $1 - $1.5 billion. Estimates are different, but everyone agrees that the market will grow multiple times, and by 2024 it will grow from 2 to 5 times, because even during the pandemic, the market has grown by 15%. As part of the lecture, we examined what is worth betting on in the esports and gaming industry and what projects are the future for. In the future, we will continue to introduce this promising area to the business audience and help everyone who is still in doubt to understand how everything works, avoid mistakes and make the right decisions."

Yaroslav Meshalkin, Chief Strategic Communications Officer at ESforce Holding, Co-chairman of the "Gaming Industry and Esports" RAEC cluster:

"During the partnership of our holding with the federal Game Innovators competition, we discovered an interesting topic: the interaction of startups and investors in the gaming industry and esports. The bottom line is that startups do not understand the world of venture capital well, and investors are poorly oriented in gaming. To eliminate this gap, we are together with our friends from decided to record an educational lecture. I hope it will help to be born and find funding for a lot of interesting projects!"

The lecture can be viewed on the official RAEC channel on YouTube.


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