VP.Bearloga and "Dymov" announce partnership and launch joint promotion

VP.Bearloga computer club and "Dymov" company producing sausages, processed meat, snacks, and delicatessen announced their partnership. The partnership started with the joint promotion launch for the computer club visitors.

For the night tickets purchase to the general game hall or VIP hall and for the 5-hour package to the VIP hall the VP.Bearloga guests will receive a meat snacks "Pikolini" pack as a present.

Sergey Likhachev, Head of marketing at Dymov:

"We have been following the world of esports and gaming for a long time and are happy to be useful to a young enthusiastic audience. Our products are great for a snack without distracting from your favorite game. Come to VP.Bearloga, have fun and we will make your leisure time even more pleasant with this promotion!"

Alexey Alexandrov, Head of VP.Bearloga:

"We are happy to welcome our new partners! We are sure that our guests will like this products. We are looking forward to seeing you at VP.Bearloga!"

Besides gifts by "Dymov" for computer club guests, VP.Bearloga will broadcast videos and other promotional materials about the company's products.

Group of companies "Dymov" includes 3 sausage product factories, 5 livestock complexes, and agricultural enterprises.

Since 2001 meat products are produced under the Dymov brand: sausages, frankfurters, wieners, deli meats, and patés. In the category of meat snacks, the company is represented by the "Pikolini" brand, which is the sales leader.

Every year the company's products win gold medals at the "Guarantee of Quality" contest. Assortment winner in 2021: Milk Sausages, Bavarian Sausages, Braunschweigskaya, "Krylatskaya" brisket.

"Dymov" products are represented in all major food chains, online sites, supplied to the leading restaurants and cafes in Russia and CIS countries.